Quality Service at Nano Kitchens

At Nano Kitchens, we are committed to the supervision of cleanliness and order of the work area in order to provide the best quality products.
We are also interested in promoting sustainable practices within our kitchens, which is why we ask that they include biodegradable products and we have solar panels in our facilities.

Cleaning Guidelines


  • Personal Hygiene
  • Full Uniform
  • Work space cleanliness
  • Storage and inventory order
  • Coded kitchen utensils
  • Organic and inorganic garbage sorting.
  • Smoke-free area


  • Kitchen machinery and gear clean-up
  • FIFO System in frozen and refrigerated goods
  • Container labelling


  • Deep clean-up and ordering
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Refrigeration temperature check
  • Chemical-free kitchen spaces
  • Minimum of biodegrading products
  • Civil protection guideline check
  • Legal operation format check