Who are we

In Nano Kitchens we’ve created a solution that offers restaurants a fast, safe and economical way to grow to new markets and expand their customer base.

What we do

We’ve created a network of semi-equipped kitchens so that restaurants can provide a service to their customers through digital media. This offers a low risk, minimal investment option.


Find us

Soon, you’ll be able to find Nano Kitchens’ branches all across Mexico.

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Get to know the industry better

Nowadays, food ordering is growing by 18% each year, which offers restaurants the possibility to extend their geographical area and customer base by offering delivery services.

This is why in the next 2 years, we will have 75 Nano Kitchens with more than 1,200 virtual kitchens around the country.

Why Nano Kitchens


Less operation costs

Reduce operating costs and increase sales by reaching and serving new markets.


Accelerated Expansion

Location expansion with everything ready to be operational from day one.


opening expenses

Reduce investment expenses to build and operate.


Better costumer

Customers do not have to face longer waiting periods to receive their food, as opposed as in a physical restaurant.